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Llanero Spirit \ To London, is a multi-genre album of poetical works by Ricardo, musically rooted, mainly in the Latin American music from Los Llanos (The Plains), but with his unique, romantic, classical, tropical and world interpretation. Here, there are also lyrics expressing deep concerns about the multiform imbalance in the human race, which seems to expand daily like an incurable pandemic with its greedy appetite, swallowing up every natural resource, while destroying the global environment, and like a negation of its own rights; the right to equality and to the conservation of the planet. As expected,

this is characteristic of Ricardo (...)





El Sueño Homo sapiens / The Homo sapiens Dream

9 Tracks album


The Homo sapiens Dream

brings Latin American music and poetry to a new dimension. It is a universal musical interpretation,

poetical-progressive, of

human evolution: our dedication, routine, commitment and

consistency; our desire to understand the past

and future of our own existence and of the universe;

 our fascination with speed,with

competition, with discovery.     


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2. Retoño de Primavera / Spring Shoot

9. El Sueño Homo sapiens / The Homo sapiens Dream

4. Un Día Feliz de Amor / A Day Of Joy And Love

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New released ( 12 tracks album ) 

Espíritu LLanero ** A Londres


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 4. Proverbios de Amor / Proverbs Of Love

 1. Espíritu Llanero / Llanero Spirit

 2. A Londres / To London

 7. La Bailarina / The Ballerina

 6. Brazil Brasil

 9. Luna Llena / Full Moon




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Espíritu Llanero \  A Londres, es un variado álbum de trabajos poéticos de Ricardo, basado mayormente, en música Latinoamericana; la música Llanera. Es una interpretación a su manera única, de música;  romántica, clásica, tropical y universal. Acá, la lírica protesta expresa la inquietud del humano, debido al multiforme desequilibrio entre su población, cual se ha extendido como pandemia incurable con su codicioso apetito, -tragándose cuanto recurso, mientras destruye los valores naturales del planeta-, en negación a sus propios derechos; sus derechos a igualdad y a la conservación de su mundo. Como se espera, estas son características de Ricardo (...)




El Delfín del Orinoco

9 Tracks album


The Orinoco Dolphin

is a universal album of great passion and poetic work. 

A record marked by its creative ideas and sensitive poetry. There is a true sense of the texture of Latin America here, marked by hopes and dreams as well as emotional experiences(…)

(Reviewed by Folk Roots magazine)


PlayingMP3 Demo tracks

1. The Orinoco Dolphin

4. Araucana

5. El Multicolour 

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Record 1. This album, first published as La Verdad Descubierta, re-released  by the composer as he always wanted, with the name of the poem Colombia Para Ti, one of today's most loved poems of his country, is a very representative record of harp music, poetry and singing from the Llanero culture. CD includes tracks such as, Colombia para Ti and Lamento de Ausencia. The harpist, Dario Robayo is today one of the leading harpists in Latin America.



Colombia Para Ti ( 9 Tracks album )



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9. Recorriendo Cinco Hatos      

1&2. COLOMBIA PARA TI  &  Lamento de Asencia








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dos canciones / two songs  2 Track single


Tow songs for Christmas and

the New Year


Dos Canciones de Navidad

y Año Nuevo



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Ricardo Curbelo Tropical  2 track Single

This single would give a tropical Latin American sparkling touch, to your Party

Un toque tropical Latinoamericano para tu Fiesta


MP3 Demo track



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Record 3. dos canciones / two songs is a  single. CD includes two songs for Christmas and the New Year, caracolito and un dia feliz de amor 

A Joyful Day Of Love, a song of praye







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