(Latin American poetical, world, new wave and  traditional harp music

Performances for 

      concerts, weddings, festivals, radio, television, films, educational institutions, charity events and private functions


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Weddings; add to your wedding a unique sparkling Latin American HARP MUSIC


Performances for 

concerts, weddings, radio, television, films, educational institutions, charity events and private functions










Music demo MP3 Clips:  > Pasillaneando     >The Farewell Poem


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Ricardo García-Curbelo is an innovative performer with professional experience of the stage since a very young age and  he is one of the most experienced composer-performers of today’s Latin American harp music. His artistic field embraces the stage from radio, television and film documentaries to educational institutions, private functions, charity performances and concerts.

His vibrant and romantic compositions along with colourful traditional melodies, have added a unique, sparkling touch to many beautiful and  memorable wedding receptions. 

Ricardo's performances are unique. His fine playing style, enhanced by the impressive sound response of his own designed harps, the Modelo Corvado  and the Corvado Golden Heart, keeps taking audiences by surprise.  As many have said, 'it's like having different instruments playing together'. His music is romantic, jazzy and vibrant. The repertoire includes many of his own compositions and his arrangements are

consciously prepared to present Latin American harp music at it best.  The ambience  he creates, indoors or out, is, as customers have often commented,  'fab'... 'perfect for the wedding reception' ... 'totally delightful'


Ricardo would provide  a high-tech sound system for up to 300 audience capacity, set up ready at the event for his use and  for the wedding speeches. In addition it could be used to provide a small Salsa Disco if you require it, or to play favourite CDs from your own collection

Being a British resident based in London, The good news is that for having this original specialist artist from such a far away land is not as expensive  as it could be, he is  able to perform in the UK with the minimum travel costs. Feel welcome to proceed with

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