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Poet, El  Cóndor, Ricardo García-Curbelo, is is a leading poet-performer from Latin America and one of its finest harpist/composers abroad. His poetical-progressive musical work takes Latin American poetry to a new dimension. In the UK he has performed along with different poets, such as the late American poet Michael Donaghy, English poet troubadour Aidan Andrew Dun, Chilean Poet Roberto Rivera Reyes, Cypriot actor, poet, director and writer George Eugeniou. He has performed his poetry in different venues in London, including Bolivar Hall, Theatro Technis, Holborn Library  and The Toriano Meeting House, where he has the pleasure to share an occasion with the English poet and comedian John Hegley

The special talent that Ricardo showed early, as an artist on stage, earned him the place as the youngest poet from his region to be awarded international first prizes on several occasions. He is a winner of three international poetry competitions in Colombia, his home land, as poet/performer, at open air festivals for audiences of 5,000-12,000 people. He is the author of COLOMBIA PARA TI, one of the most loved poems of the country. He is also the real author of the original poem LA VERDAD DESNUDA, one of his international prizes and a victim of plagiarism, a poem that stands out amongst many poems in Latin America. It’s the Indigenous voice facing his human rights in a way never expressed before.

Ricardo's restless desire to contribute and to open new horizons for his culture, led him to construct a new Latin American harp, and with this instrument, the development of his poetic music. His life's commitment representing Latin America's poetry and music, gives him today  the accomplishment he possesses as  poet, soloist, composer and performer.

Relatively, very little has been published so far. His entire work, basically poetry; exceeds to date five hundred compositions. This includes poetry, music, short stories and books.

Works such as his poetical/progressive poem, The Homo sapiens Dream illustrates how Latin American music and poetry have evolved.  throughout his artistic vision. The distinctive sound of The Modelo Corvado harps he plays is part of his creativity and uniqueness. All these qualities have made him the solid artist he is today.

Before coming to England, Ricardo toured extensively throughout Colombia and Venezuela, after being selected by Colombia's Polymers as one of the National leading representatives of the Llanos as a poet and a dancer. He has also toured to Brazil and Mexico. From England he has toured to North Africa and throughout the UK.

Several of his poems have been recorded by different artists and record companies. Also they  have been published in different books So far his most well-known titles include: COLOMBIA PARA TI, LA VERDAD DESNUDA, EL QUE MANDA ES EL BILLETE,  FOLKLORE, LADRON ES EL QUE ES PENDEJO, LA VERDAD DESCUBIERTA , CARTA A MI PUEBLO and EL IRRACIONAL. 

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Book in Spanish: 26 CANTORES LLANEROS Compilation (Colombia 1980). Two of his poems published here, La Verdad Desnuda The Naked Truth and La Verdad Descubierta The Discovered Truth, both are first prize winners of international festivals. Poems published here, LAVERDAD DESNUDA, LAVERDAD DESCUBIERTA, and EL QUE MANTA ES EL BILLETE 



Book in Spanish and English: ANTHOLOGY OF LATIN AMERICAN POETS IN LONDON Anthology  

(England1988) Poems published here,  CARTA A MI PUEBLO LETTER TO MY   TOWN           

and EL IRRACIONAL THE IRRATIONAL. His poem The Irrational earned him the artistic name of  El Cóndor 




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El Sueño Homo sapiens


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