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(Latin American poetical, world, new and  traditional harp music)

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*This event have been postponed to a latter date


But not to be missed!

Enchanting harp music, poetry,

 fine art & contemporary dance,


In collaboration:

Poet / Composer / Musician, Ricardo Garcia-Curbelo

Fine Artist,  Aurelie Freoua

Contemporary Dancer, Jessica Haener

are working to present the Act SWEET HOME in the near future.


Saturday 14th March 2020 7:30pm

Theatro Technis








To book Ricardo Curbelo for a performance


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Latest Album

Espíritu LLanero \ A Londres



...a multi-genre album of poetical works by Ricardo, musically rooted, mainly in the Latin American music from Los Llanos (The Plains), but with his unique, romantic, classical, tropical and world interpretation.



...un variado álbum de trabajos poéticos de Ricardo, basado mayormente, en en música Latinoamericana; la música Llanera; la expresión romántica, clásica, tropical y universal a su manera única de interpretación.








El Sueño Homo sapiens (Live)







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