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...en su gira de Julio-Agosto del 2010, por Gales e Irlanda, su repertorio actualizado estuvo a primera línea en el programa,  programa de éxitos que incluyó obras poética-musicales tales como El  Sueño Homo sapiens, ésta, cual paso al futuro de una novedosa representación Latinoamericana. Como un enlace universal Hispanoamericano, su bilingüe recital de poesía, Español / Ingles, en Fishguard, incluyo poesía de Federico García Lorca, libro de publicación,  (García Lorca, Antología Poética); de Pablo Neruda, libro de publicación, (Memorial de Isla Negra);  y de su propia autoria, libro de publicación, (Antología de los Poetas Latinoamericanos en Londres).

De regreso, en Londres, se prepara para el Festival de Woodford en Octubre del 2010,  Inglaterra. Allí participa nuevamente como arpista solista, esta vez presentado como un artista virtuoso. Concierto  A Musical Extravaganza   Comparte el escenario con los artistas integrantes de:

Fairlop Brass Band info: www.fairlopbrass.co.uk

The Crofton Singers  info: www.croftonsingers.org.uk



Ricardo García-Curbelo is an innovative, highly skilled Latin American harpist, resident in London, who has had, since a very young age, experience as a performer representing Latin American musical and poetry culture on a wide variety of stages: radio & TV, educational institutions, festivals, concerts and charity performances, to name but a few. The special talent that Ricardo showed early as an artist on stage to the maestro representatives of Llanero music (Joropo), led him to be the youngest dancer and composer/poet/performer to be awarded International first prizes on several occasions. He is a winner of six international competitions in his home land, three as poet/composer/performer and three as a dancer.

In the UK his performances have earned him many compliments. Time Out once said of him, "...he has got to be seen to be believed".  

Indeed, Ricardo invariably has his audiences spellbound and offers most of us here in Europe a very different and much more rhythmic and exciting experience of harp music. 

His concerts are a colourful musical journey through different Latin American countries. Variety is provided by the skilful performance of traditional Latin American pieces together with many of his own compositions

Ricardo’s poetical compositions such as The Homo sapiens Dream bring today’s Latin American music and poetry to a new dimension.  The Homo sapiens Dream is one of his more recent recorded compositions. This dramatic poetical progressive interpretation of human evolution has been much acclaimed by audiences. It was thanks to this piece, that Ricardo was presented as the perfect act for the day at the London Natural History Museum, during the Exhibition Road Festival in June this year.

After performances of his poetry in the Fishguard International Festival, harp music in the Welsh National Eisteddfod, Ebbw Vale, and Carolan Festival in Ireland, in July and August, Ricardo is delighted to have been invited once more to the Woodford Festival this year. He is looking forward to perform for the concert A Musical Extravaganza and to share the stage with The Crofton Singers and Fairlop Brass Band


 The Crofton Singers further info: www.croftonsingers.org.uk

Fairlop Brass Band further info: www.fairlopbrass.co.uk



Los Profesionales Latinoamericanos


The Latin American Professionals 






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