Ricardo Curbelo

Harp - Cuatro - Maracas & Vocals


A colourful musical journey through different Latin American countries


Not to be missed!



Concerts in Wales






(Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PA)


Friday 11th  April  2014 7:30pm




10 / 8 students & under 18s


Reservations: 029 2087 7959

     Call or text 079 8658 9553

                        077 6105 5076


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(West Street, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0TF)


Saturday 12th  April  2014 7:30pm




9 door / 7 advance & concs


Reservations: Call or text

                               079 8658 9553

                              077 6105 5076


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Latin American, Harpist, Singer, Composer and Poet, Ricardo Curbelo, is delighted to give these two concerts in Wales, one in Cardiff, a happy return after a long gap from a wonderful performance at The World Harp Festival back in1991. Since then, his artistic experience abroad has expanded to a wide variety of stages and he has shared them with different accomplished performers from around the world.

In these concerts Ricardo will present a great combination of traditional Latin American pieces together with many of his own compositions; a colourful musical journey through different Latin American countries.

Not to be missed!

Here are some compliments written about his performances:

He has got to be seen to be believed (Time Out magazine, London)

Passion and virtuosity on stage (Theatro Technis, London)

A night of powerful, breathtaking and simply spectacular music from this master player of the Latin American Harp  (Valleys Roots magazine, Wales)...

Indeed, Ricardo invariably offers his audiences a new, different, rhythmic and exciting experience of harp music. The development of a commitment, from an early age, as a representative of Latin American music and poetry, shows on stage in his skilful playing style, working in harmony with the distinctive sound responses of his Modelo Corvado harps. Those qualities make him today a solid, unique artist and one of the finest soloist composer/performers of this culture. His entire work is basically poetry; which exceeds to date five hundred compositions. From his compositions, pieces such as The Homo sapiens Dream, bring Latin Americas music and poetry to a new dimension. This dramatic poetical-progressive interpretation of human evolution has been much acclaimed by audiences. In 2010, thanks to this piece, Ricardo was presented as the perfect act for the day at the London Natural History Museum, during the Exhibition Road Festival.

The Latin American Professionals

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