Coordinated by Ricardo Curbelo in collaboration with the artist performers, Saara Takase and

Hibiki Ichikawa

A charitable event to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Japan in April 2011



28 April 2011 7:30pm

Japanese & Latin American Music

*Hibiki Ichikawa Tsugaru Shamisen *Saara Takase Guitar & Vocals  

*Ricardo Curbelo Harp Cuatro & Vocals



26 CROWNDALE ROAD LONDON NW1 1TT     Mornington Crescent



 Standard: £10  Concession: £8


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The Performers



                          Hibiki Ichikawa Tsugaru Shamisen


Hibiki was borne in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan At the age of 20 he started playing the standard Shamisen. A year later, impressed by the richness and variety of sounds produced by the Tsugaru Shamisen, he began to study the instrument under a well-known teacher. In 2005, He joined the indie rock group Cazicazi. This group combines traditional Japanese flute and Shamisen with a western bass and drum rhythm section. He plays live frequently in his local area and have played at events across Japan. He has also performed internationally in Poland and South Korea.
Since 2008, He has been teaching the Shamisen regularly in his hometown. While living in England, Hibiki wants to introduce the Tsugaru Shamisen to an international audience by teaching and performing as much as possible

                                   Saara Takase Acoustic Guitar & vocals


After buying a guitar at a charity shop in Brighton for £20. Rewarded with the learning from her every day practicing, she started writing and singing her own songs, wondering if some day she could busk in the street. But I couldn’t - She said. It was a really big challenge for me somehow. I didn't know how to start, how to decide the location, basically I was afraid of the people. But after the tragedy happened in my country and watching the news all day; feeling so useless and wanting to help my country; I wanted to send some money, but I don’t have enough money to do so. Okay, I said, I will try to make money and I started busking with all the purpose, just for Japan. I made a sign which is written simply “Play for Japan". Though I have never busked in my life, I had to start. After I posted some of my photos on Facebook, Play for Japan website contacted me; I didn't know that there was a more bigger and proper "Play for Japan" movement in London!! I though that was just a miracle, I was not alone. As soon as "Play for Japan" introduced me on their Facebook page and website, I got so many friends.

Saara has managed so far a donation over £1,000. She has been busking and travelling with her guitar around Europe.


                                                 Ricardo García-Curbelo Harp Cuatro & Vocals


Ricardo is an skilled Latin American harpist, resident in London, who has had, since a very young age, experience as a performer representing Latin American musical and poetry culture on a wide variety of stages: radio & TV, educational institutions, festivals, concerts and charity performances, to name but a few. The special talent that Ricardo showed early on stage led him to be the youngest dancer and composer/poet/performer to be awarded International first prizes on several occasions. He is a winner of six international competitions in his home land.

In the UK his performances have earned him many compliments. His concerts are a colourful musical journey through different Latin American countries. Variety is provided by the skilful performance of traditional Latin American pieces together with many of his own compositions. As poet Ricardo is known as El Cóndor. His poetical compositions such as The Homo sapiens Dream bring today’s Latin American music and poetry to a new dimension.  The Homo sapiens Dream is one of his more recent recorded compositions. This dramatic poetical progressive interpretation of human evolution has been much acclaimed by audiences. It was thanks to this piece, that Ricardo was presented as the perfect act for the day at the London Natural History Museum, during the Exhibition Road Festival in June 2010.


Ricardo is very pleased to perform for this concert, to share his solidarity with Saara Takase and Hibiki Ichikawa on their mission to support the victims form the tsunami and earthquake in Japan in April 2011.