Ricardo Curbelo

Harp - Cuatro - Maracas & Vocals


... a colourful musical journey through different Latin American countries...




7:00pm Friday 22 February  2013


Burgh House

New  End Square, Hampstead, London NW3 1LT





£9 advance £10 on door


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Ricardo is delighted to perform this  solo concert at Burgh House in London. In this concert he presents a great combination of traditional Latin American pieces together with many of his own compositions. Latin American harp, cuatro, maracas and vocals are demonstrated with dynamic virtuosity. The sound response of his Modelo Corvado harps, which he designs and constructs himself, is part of the uniqueness of his performances.  Indeed, Ricardo invariably has his audiences spellbound and offers most of us here in Europe a very different, rhythmic and exciting experience of harp music.

Musician, composer and poet, (EL Condor), Ricardo García-Curbelo is an innovative, highly skilled Latin American harpist-performer, resident in London. His artistic experience embraces a wide variety of stages: radio & TV, educational institutions, festivals, concerts, wedding receptions and charity performances, to name but a few.  In July this year he was honoured to be invited for the third time to the prestigious and wonderful Art in Action in Oxfordshire and once again his performances were one of the highlights of the event!

As poet Ricardo is known as El Condor. His poetical compositions such as The Homo sapiens Dream bring today’s Latin American music and poetry to a new dimension.  The Homo sapiens Dream is one of his more recent recorded compositions. This dramatic poetical progressive interpretation of human evolution has been much acclaimed by audiences. It was thanks to this piece, that Ricardo was presented as the perfect act for the day at the London Natural History Museum, during the Exhibition Road Festival in June 2010. His performances have earned him many compliments:

One and a half players of the harp!  (MC at charity event, Enford, Wiltshire)

Passion and virtuosity on stage   (Theatro Technis, London)

A night of powerful, breathtaking and simply spectacular music from this master player of the Latin American Harp  (Valleys Roots magazine, Wales)

He has got to be seen to be believed   (Time Out magazine, London) …


Ricardo is delighted to perform this  solo concert at Burgh House in London